Position ≠ Purpose

Your Position on the team is different than your Purpose on the team. Your position on the team is determined by a framework. Every team needs a framework. A framework helps us to understand things like: That framework does not dictate or decide the purpose you and I have on our team, it simply describes … More Position ≠ Purpose

Don’t Let Your Competencies Crush Your Soul

It wasn’t my working frustrations that started eating up my time and energy. My bosses and co-workers were well aware of the areas where I lacked skill or gifting. It was my areas of working competency which left me confused as I experienced both high productivity and low satisfaction in my career.  I was producing … More Don’t Let Your Competencies Crush Your Soul

Rules Fall Short

I’m looking forward to the day I no longer have to give rules to my daughters.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not excited about them growing up. I love them at these ages. The thing about having young kids at the house is we have to teach them a lot of rules. The rules … More Rules Fall Short

Aim for Excellence

I really want to be excellent at whatever I do. The problem is I rarely feel excellent. Maybe you can relate. It feels like there is a gap between what I bring to the table and what I wish I brought to the table. Anyone with me? Over the course of time I have realized … More Aim for Excellence