4 Ways to Find Strength in our Weakness

I’m guessing you aren’t feeling like you are at the top of your game right now. I’m right there with you. In fact I would venture to say that none of us are operating at 100% right now.

Worry for the future has taken some of our current focus. Some of us are working from home and trying to balance family and career at the same time. Others are concerned about their job stability and financial outlook. There is overthinking about every interaction we have in public. There is fresh anxiety and feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

The point is that in this season very few of us are living and operating at full capacity. We feel it, we are hyper aware of it, and it makes us feel something that we really do not love. 

It makes us feel weak.

I do not like feeling weak. Most of us don’t. Weakness causes us to experience a number of emotions we would sooner kick to the curb. 

Each of us carry around areas of weakness. No one is perfect. What we do with our weakness can vary. Some of us hide our weakness, thinking no one will see it. Other’s of us bow up and try to compensate for our weakness with ego, machismo or redirection. Some allow their weakness to mentally or spiritually take them out all together.

It is easy to think of our areas of weakness as a source of shame, doubt or insufficiency, however it is in our moments of weakness that we find true victory.

It is in the middle of our weakness that God’s strength is most visible and magnified. His strength is on display in the middle of our weakness. Maybe that is why when we look into the scriptures we find that God continually seems to use people who are a bit of a mess.

Moses was a murderer.
David was an adulterer.
Rahab was a prostitute
Peter was given to anger and didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.
Paul’s early goal was to persecute people who didn’t follow his beliefs.

God seems to have a habit of taking imperfect people with weakness and working through them so His strength is on display.

None of us enjoy the idea of looking or feeling weak. Instead of focusing on ourselves in our weak moments, consider the ways we see God’s strength at work through our weakness:

  1. In the moments I feel emotionally weak I am able to see God’s ability and willingness to carry me through dark seasons
  2. When I feel like I am not good enough for the job at hand I have the chance to see God accomplish through me what I thought to be impossible.
  3. When I am convinced financially I don’t know how to make it work I am able to see God reveal Himself as my provider, the one who sustains me.
  4. In seasons when I feel like a spiritual imposter I remember that Jesus conquered sin and the grave, giving me spiritual life by His work

You are going to hit moments or seasons of weakness. In those moments I encourage you to remember that God’s dream team, His top picks, are generally people who lean into His strength, because they don’t have it all figured out.

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