Augmented Reality – the work of the Church

I am fascinated by new technology. In the early years of the iPhone I was one of “those” people who waited in line for a few hours just to snag one. We live in a season of history where there is constant innovation. With every new piece of technology we see advancements that help the human race…along with uses that simply entertain.

The TV was created and suddenly there was a way to educate and inform the masses right in their own living room. I’m sure that happens every now and then – but there are probably more televisions used to watch the Bachelor than those used to teach someone a new language.

The iPhone was created and suddenly people had a tool to increase connection and effectiveness. While your smartphone likely helps you respond to emails faster than before, it’s likely more often used to watch funny videos online or check Instagram.

One piece of technology that has entertained my family is augmented reality software. Most of us are pretty familiar with augmented reality – it is the technology that allows you to use cool filters on Snapchat. While we enjoy the entertainment side – augmented reality software is also being used in some incredible ways to better people’s lives. For instance, AR software can now help dentists provide patients with a look at what their smile will look like after major dental work. Plastic surgeons can now use AR to help individuals gain a picture of what they will look like after plastic surgery.

To give someone a clear glimpse into what they could look like in the future – that is a powerful tool.

When you think about it, we as the Church should be dealers of augmented reality. You see we look at people and do more than just see them as they are today. We see the potential. We see where they can grow. We see the work of God in their life and where it will lead them.

Consider the story of Gideon, from the history of Israel. In an encounter with God he (Gideon) is labeled as a “mighty warrior.” That label doesn’t really match the reality of the moment…you see Gideon was in the middle of hiding wheat from an invading army. Nothing about him or that moment screamed “Mighty Warrior.”

The good news for Gideon, and for us, is that God looks at us and sees us as more than we are right now. Oftentimes all we can see is our current reality, but God sees augmented reality – He sees us for who we can be. And He has given us the ability to do that for others.

We should be dealers in augmented reality. We should be dealers of hope. We can look into the eyes of a person who is broken, dejected and unsure and help them to see a brighter future.

Go breathe life into someone today.
Go look for the potential in those around you and as you see it – speak it out.
Go be a dealer of augmented reality.


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