Bring Someone Along

Could you imagine what it would be like if we saw the potential in each person? Imagine how much hope you would have for your community. Imagine how much vision you would have for accomplishing great things.

The trouble is that potential within someone is often clouded by the reality of today. We struggle to see what could be because we are so focused on what is.

And that is why many of us struggle to see the potential leaders among us. We find it easier to look at the reasons they shouldn’t qualify instead of looking at all the potential they hold.

    • They aren’t wise enough
    • They aren’t gifted enough
    • They aren’t old enough
    • They lack experience
    • They lack passion
    • They lack maturity

The trouble with this way of thinking is it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. There might be reasons why that person isn’t a leader TODAY – but there is no reason they couldn’t grow and become a leader SOMEDAY. The road between who they are today and who they can become is built by you.

Your belief in them. Your time and care for them. No matter where they are today, they can become a leader down the road if someone would just believe in them and begin investing in them. That someone is you.

If you are in a position of influence here is my challenge to you:

Use your position as a gateway to bring someone along for the journey. Let your leadership role create opportunity for others to explore and grow as a future leader.

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