Finding Strength in Your Weakness

Ever feel like you are incapable?
Think about those moments where you feel like failure is just around the corner.

Each of us have those moments. It is in those times when our weaknesses are crystal clear to us that we begin opening ourselves up to self doubt and insecurity.

Most of us do what we can to avoid looking or feeling weak. We cover up areas of weakness, convinced that they are a platform for our failure. In those situations where we are painfully aware of our weakness we must become even more aware of the beautiful redemptive reality found in Jesus.

There is great news for those of you who struggle. There is a reason to celebrate amidst our personal weakness.

God’s dream team is made up of people whose weakness is made perfect in His strength. God’s top draft picks, His first rounders are not the most popular, the most capable or the most obvious choices. The trouble is that often in our moments of weakness we keep our eyes on ourselves.

It’s like when my daughter is distraught because her water cup is empty. She looks at the cup, focuses on the cup and laments about the lack of water. While she focuses on the empty cup I watch and wonder when she will consider the (seemingly) unlimited water she has access to if she just walked over to the kitchen. She gets so focused on the empty cup that she cannot see anything else.

Sometimes we get stuck focusing on our own empty cup and have trouble remembering that we have access to the One who is unlimited. It’s not just that He is unlimited; He is in our corner and He is for us.

In our empty cup moments of weakness we must remember all that God can do through our weakness:

  • When we are Emotionally weak His strength can carry us through the darkest of seasons
  • When we are Relationally weak His strength can create bonds and depth greater than we could ever create on our own.
  • When we are Skillfully weak His strength can offer us the ability to accomplish that which feels impossible.
  • When we are Financially weak His strength can provide resources that sustain us in the dry seasons

It is in our weakness that God’s strength is most magnified and displayed. So the next time you find yourself feeling weak, incapable, unable…instead of keeping your focus on your own empty cup consider the One who is able to do more than we could ask or imagine, by His power that is at work within you and me right now.


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