Don’t Let Your Competencies Crush Your Soul

It wasn’t my working frustrations that started eating up my time and energy. My bosses and co-workers were well aware of the areas where I lacked skill or gifting.

It was my areas of working competency which left me confused as I experienced both high productivity and low satisfaction in my career. 

I was producing great results and adding value to the organization. Who could fault my bosses for asking me to do things I am good at?

I was crushing it professionally and exhausting myself personally.

That’s what happens when you consistently focus on the areas of your working competencies. The pace of high production without enjoying your work will take a toll on your soul.

The alternative?

Discover and lean into your areas of genius – where you are able to add both your highest and best contribution to your company while also getting great enjoyment in your work.

Work is work. There will always be parts of your job that you don’t love. The goal is to find ways to lean into your areas of working genius as often as possible.

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