Me First

We are getting closer to one of the most celebrated traditions in the United States. Family and friends gather together to recognize this special day. Some people get started at night, while others kick their festivities off in the morning. The amount of prep work to prepare for it is staggering.

I am of course talking about Black Friday.

This tradition is a staple in many people’s annual calendar. Why is it so popular? People don’t flood the marketplace right after Thanksgiving out of a pressure to complete their holiday shopping. Consumers plan out their Black Friday agenda with the hope of finding some incredible deals. Some of the best deals people find are those early offers where retailers actually sell a limited number of items for a loss. It’s pretty hard to deny deals like that when we as the consumer get the better end of the deal.

In the realm of consumer habits it is appropriate to want the better end of the deal. When it comes to purchasing habits we naturally put ourselves at the top of the list and say, “me first.” When it comes to your interactions with others – who gets the better end of the deal?

Life is like a line leading towards the things we want. In line does your heart declare “me first” or “them first?” (Click to tweet)

Do you enter into relationships with thoughts about what you can contribute, or how you can benefit? Is the question how much you can get ahead or how you can help others get ahead?

Many of my posts come from a perspective of our involvement in spiritual environments. No matter your spiritual belief life proves this to be true – ‘Me First’ will ruin your life. (Click to tweet)

It is pretty easy to subtly hedge our efforts to ensure that we get more than we give. Every day and with every person we must decide if we want more from people or for people.

We would do well to reflect on the words of Paul to the Philippian church:

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourself, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others. – Phil 2:3-4

That is a tall order. I fail at it more than I care to admit and I would guess many of you struggle with it as well. As you look at the relationships around you – are you preoccupied with how you can benefits others or how you can benefit from others? (Click to tweet)

As we battle the “Me First” mentality there are a few spheres of influence where we need to pay attention:

  • Family – Am I more concerned with building my family up, or getting all I can out of them?
  • Friends – Do I give my best or take the best from my circle of friends?
  • Career – Is my focus in work to make more money or help my organization get better?
  • Church – Do I serve to make myself feel good and important or to make a difference in the lives of others?

One thought on “Me First

  1. Why do they call it black Friday. ?
    You give excellent life advice in this post.
    What it all boils down to is a lifestyle of selflessness and using every area of our lives as an act of worship to God.
    Each moment is an opportunity to exalt His name and point the world towards His holiness.
    This can be done in obvious or subtle ways.
    I like the way your writing is inclusive of other beliefs without compromising your own.
    This is something I aim for also 😃


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