Position ≠ Purpose

Your Position on the team is different than your Purpose on the team. Your position on the team is determined by a framework. Every team needs a framework. A framework helps us to understand things like: That framework does not dictate or decide the purpose you and I have on our team, it simply describes … More Position ≠ Purpose

Aim for Excellence

I really want to be excellent at whatever I do. The problem is I rarely feel excellent. Maybe you can relate. It feels like there is a gap between what I bring to the table and what I wish I brought to the table. Anyone with me? Over the course of time I have realized … More Aim for Excellence

Bring Someone Along

Could you imagine what it would be like if we saw the potential in each person? Imagine how much hope you would have for your community. Imagine how much vision you would have for accomplishing great things. The trouble is that potential within someone is often clouded by the reality of today. We struggle to … More Bring Someone Along