How to Recruit Someone to Your Team

People do not just accidently end up involved in meaningful work. Natural gravitation moves us towards disconnected and uninvolved. Therefore the work of every leader is to create environments and opportunities where people can engage. One of the most common words used for this dynamic is “recruit.” Not everyone excels at recruiting. Some people get … More How to Recruit Someone to Your Team

Collaboration is King

Great players win MVP awards. Great teams win championships. Those two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but it is important to understand the power of synergy on a team. Unfortunately we grow up placing greater value and focus on becoming an MVP. We imagine ourselves out on the field hitting the game winning … More Collaboration is King

Failing for the Win

Note From Cory: This is a guest post from Cami Lebovitz.  She has served as a Spiritual Formation Pastor at 12Stone Church for the last 6 years.  While Cami is a gifted and talented pastor, my favorite thing about her is that she is an incredible wife and mother to our daughter Nora.  I am excited to have her … More Failing for the Win