I Don’t Enjoy My Role Anymore

I sat down with a friend recently to talk through some tension in her role on our team. This friend was processing the fact that there are parts of her role that she once really enjoyed that now seem to take a lot of emotional energy. Things that once energized her now demotivate her.

The truth is I have this conversation fairly often with leaders and volunteers. We live in a culture that is bent towards listening to feelings as a main indicator of what they should or should not do. (Click to tweet) Our feelings have a natural ebb and flow which means every now and again we hear our feelings say “I don’t enjoy doing this anymore.”

How do you manage your feelings? What goes through your mind when the new car smell goes away? More than ever before, people allow feelings to be a primary decision maker in their lives. Feelings have become the main factor in deciding things like:

Who should I date? Should I get married? Should we get divorced? Should I make this big purchase? Should I get involved in this project? Should I quit my job? Should I stop serving on this team?

Feelings are not a bad thing; they are part of our wiring as humans. Being completely driven by our feelings is unhealthy – however so is ignoring them. (Click to tweet) Some of us are inclined to put our feelings in the driver seat, while others are more likely to store them in the trunk.

Our goal should be to find a healthy balance somewhere between ignoring our feelings and giving into whatever they want.

Many of us reach a point in our jobs as well as our volunteer roles where if we were honest we would say, “I just don’t enjoy this anymore.” Whether that feeling describes 10%, 50% or 99% of your role you have to figure out how to deal with those feelings.

Now I cannot tell you what you should do. That feeling could be the Spirit of God prompting you to make a change. It could also be bad pizza from the night before.

While I am not sure what is informing your feelings, here are 4 questions to ask yourself when these feelings of discontent rise up:

  1. Did I choose this or did God place me in it?
  2. Has something changed around me or in me?
  3. Am I closer to or farther from the person I desire to be?
  4. Is this seasonal or is this a new norm?

Hopefully the answer to those questions helps provide a little insight or guidance as you decide what to do next.

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Enjoy My Role Anymore

  1. On 4/23 of this year, I felt a huge call from God to start a group called Veterans For Worship. Many Veterans who struggle with their faith and service have a hard time connecting in a traditional church setting. Veterans For Worship connects with Veterans and provides chaplain support and chapel services in a non-church atmosphere (mostly at VFW halls). There was a lot of excitement in the beginning and I was overwhelmed that God would trust me with this ministry. Over the months, I am still excited but I realized this is not a hobby or something I get to quit when I get tired. That original call from God spurs me on when I try to balance a tri-vocational life with a full-time job, an Army Reserve position, church responsibilities and now this ministry. God is slowly giving me discernment on what to let go so that I can give even more to Veterans For Worship. In the meantime, I would love your prayers!!

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  2. Awesome post, Pastor Lebovitz. Thank you. May I add a part B to your question 1 to ask ourselves? If God has placed us in a particular position, is He calling us out of it, or are we removing ourselves?

    Discomfort, inconvenience, trials, setbacks, persecution, having to stand seemingly alone, personal preference… do not excuse us from serving where and in what God has called us to.

    I forwarded this post to a young friend. 🙂 God bless.


  3. Enjoyed that Cory. Yes our Lord also experienced human emotions like us – sin apart, so we can now share our feelings with Him. However, no-one else has ever woken up every morning knowing that flogging, shame and crucifixion was at the end of the road. That makes our woes seem minor.


  4. Excellent post. There are times when I must do something, simply because it’s the right thing to do. Of course I also grew up in the “If it feels good, do it” of the ’60s. Look where that took us! I’m sure our Lord didn’t want to go to the Cross either – it didn’t feel good at the time, but I’m literally eternally grateful He did so! Blessings back,


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