Kindness – it is one of the most basic human concepts we have. It is difficult to describe yet easy to apprehend.  Kindness is one of the main things we are trying to develop into our daughters – because we know it is a quality that is essential in our human experience.  Perhaps that is why it is so sad that kindness is elusive in many of our experiences and interactions.

The idea of being kind is something we could easily skip teaching to the people we lead, because we assume everyone knows the importance of it.

In a world that is fast paced and harsh we are marked when we experience kindness.  One of the key things I have loved telling volunteers over the years is, “people might not remember the lesson that was taught but they will always remember the way they were treated.”  People remember when they are treated with kindness, respect and dignity.

That does not mean you become Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy/Gal and allow people to push you over.  Being kind is not about being nice but rather treating people like they matter.  You cannot control what someone experiences before they end up in front of you.  You cannot affect the positive or negative things that have happened to them but you can affect the way you interact with them what they experience from this point forward.

Go choose kindness today.  Let the mark of your presence in any conversation be kindness. May the kindness you express open doors for others as you encounter them today.