How to Walk Through Change

Life constantly involves change.  Change is the material of growth; it is essential in life.  The truth is most of us would like to avoid change because we like things the way they are right now.  But it is through change that God brings about some of the most awesome things in life.

  • I walked through some crazy changes in my life 20 years ago when I decided to trust and follow Jesus. My life has never been the same and I am extremely grateful.
  • 10 years ago I met a girl named Cami and my life was changed as friendship became a relationship which eventually became an amazing marriage.
  • A little over 5 years ago our lives were changed for the better when we found out we were transitioning from being a couple of DINK’s (double income no kids) to parenthood. Wouldn’t switch back for the world.

Change can be such a good thing, but it is costly.  In each of my 3 examples above I had to in many ways completely leave the comfort of the life I knew and fully embrace the change.  There was no turning back.

Our perspective on change can be pretty polarizing depending on which side of the street you stand.  If you believe everything was perfect beforehand then change can feel like a move in the wrong direction.  If you are displeased with the current reality then the winds of change are welcomed.

Since avoiding change is rarely an option, the question becomes how you walk through change in a healthy way.  Here are a few lessons I have learned when walking through change:

  • Assume the Best – change can throw people off. We rarely have a full picture of what is happening around us.  When there are questions to be answered or things that you do not know chose to assume the best.  Assume that the change is a good thing.  Assume change will lead to a positive future.  Change can cause you to go negative or positive.  If you go looking for the negative you will find it.  If you go looking for the positive you will find that too.  Why not start by assuming the best when change comes your way?
  • Be Service Oriented– change causes tension and insecurity to rise. When tension and insecurity go up the last thing people think is, “how can I best serve?” Yet in the middle of change season the most helpful people are those who adopt a service mindset and find ways to just help make things better.
  • Chose to move forward – don’t wait and see how things work out. Go move forward and bring positive momentum and energy. Change is always happening around us.  If you sit back and wait to see how things work out you will miss most of life! Pulling back because of change doesn’t serve anyone well.

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