Do You Live Aware?

Being present and aware might be one of the most valuable gifts you can to the people around you.  We live in a time when focused presence is often set aside for the sake of multi-tasking.  It is way too easy to be aware of the little red bubbles on our phone while being unaware of the person sitting across the table.

One of the most remarkable things about the life of Jesus was the fact that he was both present and aware in every situation.  In the middle of the crowds and chaos and expectations he was keenly aware of the people and needs around him.  People who felt marginalized and ignored discovered that Jesus was aware of them – even if everyone else overlooked them.

In the pursuit of living like Jesus, leading a group of people or whatever it is you do – find a way to remove the distractions that keep you from living aware.

  • The next time you sit down with your kids go ahead and keep your phone and TV off.  Try to look for what questions, concerns or wrestlings they have…even if they don’t have words to clearly articulate them.  It might produce great meaningful conversations.
  • In your next connect with someone you lead (an employee, volunteer, whatever) go ahead and close the door and your laptop and give them some undivided attention and look for a way you can add value to their life.  It might be the way you make the most of your time together.
  • While you enjoy leisurely time out to eat, at a game or at the park take time to notice the people around you and consider the needs or pressures they are carrying.  It might change the way you interact with them for the better.

So what can you do personally to be more present and aware today?

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