What is Your Next?

All of us have a next.  We each have something that we are dreaming towards and striving for in the near future.  Our dream for tomorrow is often our fuel for today. (Click to tweet) Being clear on your next is essential when it comes to staying passionate, energized and focused in this moment.

  • Perhaps the next is seeing your dating relationship move towards engagement.
  • Your next might have to do with upward movement in your career.
  • A next could be the desire to one day soon assume some level of leadership on our team.
  • Maybe “next” in our mind is some greater level of connectedness with people or organizations which are important to us.
  • “Next” might be as simple as a greater level of trust and abandon to God

Sometimes the idea of next is more about escaping some current pressure or reality.  It could be that you are unhappy in your current role and long for something new.  Perhaps there is a disconnect brewing in a relationship and you dream of reconciliation or a clear break.

The idea of NEXT is a good thing when we allow it to help us become more present and engaged in the here and now.  When I sit down for coaching conversations I love to dig and hear what next dream a person has in mind.  We always need to have some form of next in our mind…because striving forward only happens when we have something we are chasing.  Without a dream or vision for a better tomorrow people often find it hard to put in their full effort today. (Click to tweet)

Deep down each of us have a next.  Sometimes we are very aware of it, while other times it can hide in our subconscious.  It is probably wise to pause and acknowledge that “next” does not automatically mean change (though it can).  Next is simply the dream of a tomorrow that is somehow better than today.

All of us need a next out in front of us – calling us and inviting us to continue striving forward.  As you consider the next in your life here are two guiding thoughts:

  • Keep it clear and simple – whatever the dream, make sure you keep it as clear and focused as possible. Without clarity you can easily drift from focused pursuit to unguided activity.
  • Run towards vision instead of running away from problems – when we run from problems we generally run straight into a different set of problems. Problems exist everywhere; why trade one set of problems for another?  Make sure the next you are pursuing is about a vision drawing you forward instead of a problem you are trying to flee from.

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