Daddy’s Heart – Daughter’s Dreams

I spend a lot of time thinking, talking and working to build up volunteers.  It is something I love to do, because I know that when people connect through meaningful service they are never the same.

Most of what I write and post about is focused on ministry.  Though what I share is most often focused on work – my family is the thing in my life most worth talking about (next to Jesus).

So a couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with my daughter Nora about becoming a big sister.  I pulled up a picture on my phone of Nora holding a sonogram of her baby sister and asked, “hey Nora – if I post this picture of you online how many times do you think it would get shared before your baby sister comes on December 25th?

(Nora focused her eyes a bit as she thought about it)

Me: one hundred?

Nora: no

Me: one thousand?

Nora: one hundred thousand!

Let me be honest for a second.  I don’t think Nora has a clue at this point what 100,000 means.  I do however love her having big dreams and making up big goals.

And that little girl has my heart.  In loving her and parenting her she constantly helps me better understand the heart of God.

And since she has my heart – and my ego (smile) I decided to post the picture with our little conversation and invite others to share it.  I have no clue what will happen between now and Dec 25th.  I do know Nora and I now have a fun little activity every day where I can show her how many people have shared her picture.

So – between now and Baby Lebo #2’s birth date I am sharing Nora’s picture like crazy, and I’d invite you to jump in with me and share it and have some fun spreading another smile across social media.  If you would like to Retweet this picture you can click here to do it!

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