Just Ask

Let me start off with a confession – I am “ASK” happy.  I love to make ASKS of people.  In my work at 12Stone there might be no greater joy than making ASKS of others.

Now it’s probably a good time to pause and tell you what I mean by the ASK.  The ASK is the term I use when making a request of others to jump in and get involved.  The ASK is an invite to join in on meaningful work that changes people’s lives for the better.  The ASK is the way people go from disconnected to engaged.

I’ve come to realize over time that not everyone enjoys the ASK process.  I will not attempt to give you all the reasons people shy away from the ASK.  I could probably give you a list of reasons – but chances are you already know a few.

What causes you shy away from the ASK?  When it comes to inviting people to take a next step…to get involved…to say “yes” to something…why do we shy away?

Each of us have our own reasons why.  While your reasons might have some truth and validity to them, let me share a few things I have noticed over the years…

  • I’ve discovered that most people I meet have unutilized potential – and they know it!
  • Most people have a desire to make a bigger difference in their world.
  • Most people sitting in the stands picture what it would be like to be in the game.

That does not mean people have loads of margin in their life.  It does not mean they have extra free time they are trying to just give away.  It is simply a reminder that some of the most worthwhile things in our life come with a cost.  We can sometimes forget that as we try to scale back the ASKS we make of people, worried about asking someone to pay a cost.

My hope and prayer for you today: Do not pull back from the ASK.  Whether you are a staff member or a volunteer leader – do not allow yourself to get scared and shy away from making big asks of people.  You cannot view the invitation as a burden.  You are not asking people to do you a favor.  You are inviting people into what might be the most meaningful work they can do.

So go ASK big today!  Use your position on the team as a way to involve others in work that can maximize their potential, help them make a difference and experience big impact.

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