Count the Cost

What is the most expensive thing you have ever purchased? Depending on your stage of life it could be a fun electronic, a vehicle to get you around, a property to live in or perhaps a business to run. This sort of purchase stands out from the nominal everyday sort of transactions. And if I asked you how much you spent on that item you could probably tell me the exact amount right off the top of your head.

Conversely if you look around right now you probably see a number of things you have purchased in the past and have no recollection of how much you spent. They could be trinkets, some sort of food or another product that could be purchased on a whim.

In every stage of like there is a threshold for spending. When the cost to you is under the threshold it does not evoke a lot of emotional energy or thought. Typically things that fall under our spending threshold have a limited amount of emotional or practical payoff. When the cost is above our threshold the purchase requires some level of thought and intentionality. While the price is costly, the payoff for these sorts of purchases is usually pretty high.

There is connection between what something costs and the benefit it brings. (Click to tweet)

Those things that cost us the most tend to bring the highest level of payoff. It is true with our money, and also proves to be true with our emotions, our time and our attention.

Perhaps this is why in Luke chapter 14 we see Jesus challenging those who were following Him to count the cost. There was a large crowd who followed because they had begun to catch the great benefit available as they engaged in this Jesus movement. Jesus knew that many in the crowd had not yet counted the cost.

You see joining God in what He is doing has a tremendous payoff, however it also comes with a great cost. Counting the cost is important, because we don’t pay up front. It is easy to count the cost of something when all of the payment is due up front.

When it comes to following God the payment is spread out into varying increments throughout your life. That is why you have to make a decision today about what you are willing to pay tomorrow.

The Kingdom of God must advance. People need the experience of forgiveness, grace and acceptance. The question is not “what is this worth?” The question is, “what in my life is more worthwhile than investing into the Kingdom of God?” (Click to tweet)


2 thoughts on “Count the Cost

  1. This is an eye opener. I think about this when it comes to money but forget about this when it comes to following Christ. I tend to focus on what I can get rather than what it costs. I realize that I really need to take a deeper look at this and try to understand what exactly Christ is asking of me and my life. I know that I am trying to develop a ministry but maybe it is more than that. Thank you for sharing and causing my mind to go deeper.


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