You Have More Capacity

A few weeks ago I told a friend of mine I would help them move. One of the most common experiences when helping a person move is the Tetris experiment.   If you don’t know what I mean – think about all of the items you have in your house, and then begin to picture how you make all of them fit into a truck in a safe way. It is one big game of Tetris.

One of the things that struck me as we finished packing the truck was how perfect the truck size was for all of my friend’s belongings. The truck was packed to the brim. There was absolutely no room for extra margin in that truck. The reason this stood out to me was that I have helped many friends move…and no matter the amount of stuff they have it always seems to fill the capacity of the truck without any extra margin.

You see the stuff we have always seems to fill the capacity of what we can carry. It is not an optical illusion…it is the natural pull of life. Those of us that were helping my friend move looked and considered the capacity of the truck and then began working to fill it up with all of his belongings.

Many of us lead our spiritual lives, our families, our businesses and our teams in this way. We consider the capacity that we have available and we allow the “stuff” of our life to take up all of that capacity, leaving no margin.

What if God has more for you than what you see?

What if you are settling for less in life because you assume your capacity is set, and you have no need for margin? This question affects us in a number of ways in life:

  • Our work has a way of expanding to fill the time we have to accomplish it
  • The responsibilities of your team expands to the capacity of your current volunteer staff
  • Your current hunger for God is fulfilled by your current pursuit of God.

What if God has more for you? Go back to my story of helping my friend move. What if he had another truck we could also use? What if he had more stuff than I can see?

I believe there are 2 things that are true of you right now:

  1. God wants to entrust you with more responsibility – but is waiting on you to create margin in your life. (click to tweet)
  2. God is able to expand your capacity so that you can carry more – but you have to be willing to grow. (click to tweet)


7 thoughts on “You Have More Capacity

  1. Oh God, increase my capacity and show me how to eliminate unnecessary stuff in my life!

    Excellent encouragement for today!


  2. Excellent message….. I believe that God created us for more. When we think that our capacity to work in the vineyards is overwhelmed, all we have to do is seek God for assistance in carrying that load. He will never put more on us than we can handle.


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