How Do You Create Capacity?

How do you get more room when you need it? When people begin having kids they usually need more space so they switch from a sedan to an SUV or minivan, they trade the 1 bedroom apartment for a place with 2-3 bedrooms. When our closets get full we figure out the items we no longer wear and we get rid of them.

Today’s post is a follow up to some thoughts I shared a few months ago (You Have More Capacity). The topic of capacity is important because I believe no matter what season of life you are in there are 2 things which are true of you:

Capacity is required for growth to happen. When you grow your family you need more capacity in your house. If you want to grow your career you will likely need new capacity on your calendar. For your team to grow in impact and influence you have to find more capacity on your team.

In every season I am a proponent of team growth. A healthy team should always be looking at the next way they will expand their influence and impact.

For the team you are on, here are 4 things you can do to create new capacity:

  • Redefine reality  – The old way of doing things got the old job done. New capacity requires a change in the way people view and experience reality on your team. New job titles, new hours or new responsibilities are a natural result of growth. Some members of the team will feel that their role in has been cut in half. Others experience the new reality as added pressure because you have expanded the scope of the team to create capacity.

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