Collaboration is King

Great players win MVP awards. Great teams win championships. Those two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but it is important to understand the power of synergy on a team. Unfortunately we grow up placing greater value and focus on becoming an MVP.

We imagine ourselves out on the field hitting the game winning homerun, or scoring the winning touchdown. We practice making the final jump shot on the basketball court. These are the scenarios we run through when we are young. We picture being on the winning team, but specifically we picture the team winning because of our work.

You know there around 2500 men have earned a Super Bowl ring by playing on the winning team, but only 47 men have ever been labeled Most Valuable Player in the NFL (and only a little over half of those actually won the Super Bowl that year). The reason I bring this up is I believe the power of “team” can conquer just about anything. Aspire to be a part of a great team. Aspire to lead a great team. Just don’t box yourself in and believe that the greatness of the team is tied to you being an MVP. (Click to tweet)

You might be really smart. You might have more experience than anyone around. Your skillset and talents might be unmatched. The problem is being the best in the room doesn’t bring home the championship. A great team brings home the championship. (Click to tweet)

When I was younger I worked as hard as I could to become the best. I believed that all the accomplishments and dreams I had were possible if I was good enough, fast enough, competent enough, talented enough…you get the idea. Over time I discovered that I wasn’t a genius. Sometimes I had the right idea for the moment. Sometimes I had the right words or gifting to win the day. But sometimes isn’t consistent. “Sometimes” doesn’t win championships.

Great teams win championships. That’s because there is an exponential power and potential when you collaborate with others and pool your common skillsets, experience and gifting. Over time you discover that having the best ideas aren’t as important as being a part of a team that collaborates to develop the best ideas.

There is a quote that I have been coming back to for months now. The genius at the top doesn’t make the team look good. A good team makes the person at the top look like a genius.” – Simon Sinek

There is a synergy and exponential power that comes when a group of people collaborates for a common goal. Whether that goal is to win a championship, revolutionize a new produce or simply reach a new people group – collaboration is king.

One thought on “Collaboration is King

  1. Reminded me of your post “What Name Is On your Jersey?’ Yup – notice how successful business leaders are team builders e.g. Richard Branson, even Donald Trump!
    Jesus Christ was/is a team player, apostle Paul was a team player…


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