Thinking Outside the Box

What possibilities exist in your life right now? What opportunity is out there that could become game-changers in your life? We live in a day and age where the possibilities are almost limitless. Combine that with the knowledge that we were created in the image of God and the realm of possibilities grows even larger. You see our God created everything – the scriptures tell us that in Him all things have their origin. And we were created in His image.

I’m not sure how you interpret or apply that reality in your life. For me it begins to remove the limitations I impose when considering the possibilities in life. Far too many of us live within a small box of possibilities, never pushing to expand the walls of our expectations. (Click to tweet)

One of my joys in life is helping people begin to think outside the box. I’m not smart enough to tell you the full extent of what is possible in your life. Here is what I do know – more is possible than you might think! Thinking outside the box is the term I use to describe seeing past the tangible, physical, logistical barriers we see.

There are 3 main hindrances that cause people to pull back the reigns on their exploration of what could be. So as you attempt to dream and think outside the box allow yourself to consider these 3 questions:

  1. What if Money was no object? – Forget the limitations of your personal pocket book or team budget. You know what was too expensive to ever solve? Going to the moon. A phone that can operate like a computer. Having a child. Think about what could be possible if it were not for financial constraints.
  2. What if Time was unlimited? – Imagine there was no pressure to deliver something by end of day or end of month. This life has a list far too long made up of things we would like to do, “if we only had more time.” Time constraints have a way of changing. Thirty years ago I needed a VCR and perfect timing to record a show I would want to watch. Fifteen years ago I could download that TV show on my computer but it would take all day. Today I can stream a show at any moment straight to my phone while driving down the road.
  3. What if People were not a limiting factor? – Consider the fact that people are constantly changing, growing and moving. People have a way of limiting their dreams down to the lid of the people around them. Remember that big dreams, which seem impossible have a way of drawing in people full of passion, competence and gifting.

Now I am not telling you that the dynamics of money, time and people do not matter. However it is only once you have allowed yourself to dream big that you should begin considering the gap between where you are and where you want to go. We serve a God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, who operates outside of the constraints of time and whom inspires men and women to do some incredible things. Some of the greatest things ever accomplished were done by people who believed “impossible” is simply a matter of opinion. (Click to tweet)

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