Attempting to Serve a World in Need

Sometimes our world does not make sense.  The reason might be a very personal situation or struggle. It could be the “breaking news” situations that occur at a distance but affect us right where we stand.  When I consider the events of this past weekend in Charlottesville I am reminded of how much hurt and division exist in our world today.

That is why today’s post is a little different than usual. The focus of the vast majority of my blog is to share helpful thoughts for people who serve.  If you want to make a difference in your world, I am writing to you.  Whether you are a volunteer or a team leader, whether you serve inside the walls of a church or out in the community…my desire is that you would be built up as you serve.  My prayer is that you would make an impact and experience great joy while doing it!

I am reminded that no matter how much we serve…no matter how well we serve…no matter what we do…our world is in desperate need of God.  Each of us is equal in our need; we need to experience the reality of the living God who is Jesus.

There are 4 things which I believe have the ability to transform our lives and our world for the better.  The change we long for in our personal lives and in our world will only come when we experience these 4 things:

  1. The Person of Jesus – Jesus is the Hope of the world. He is the author and the perfecter of our faith.  Our lives find meaning and purpose as we look to Him.  The experience of knowing the person of Jesus will change your life.  He is the focus of our worship. Our hope for a better world is found in the One who died to save this world. (Click to tweet)
  2. The Presence of Jesus – it is in the presence of God that He is made great and I am made small. It is in His presence that we find fullness of joy.  Knowing Jesus is to know the King of Kings; being in His presence is to invite transformation into our lives.  We cannot help but be transformed for the better when we experience the presence of Jesus. (Click to tweet)
  3. The People of Jesus – The people of Jesus exist to help express Kingdom realities here on earth. They are communities of people who love each other and serve each other.  They care for one another while being welcoming and accepting of all. God’s desire is that we would thrive, not simply survive in this world. Thriving spiritually is impossible if you lack meaningful relationships with the people of Jesus. (Click to tweet)
  4. The Power of Jesus – When the unlimited power of God meets the limited nature of man something incredible happens. The beauty of God’s design is that He manifests His power through our actions to accomplish Kingdom progress. To experience the power of Jesus is to come face to face with a simple reality; if Jesus is powerful enough to change my life He is powerful enough to transform my community for the better. (Click to tweet)


One thought on “Attempting to Serve a World in Need

  1. I wanted you to know I read your blog with my eyes, but I listen to it with my heart! I’m learning to “share” and I’ve done so with your blog to my team leader and my friends. If you don’t know God is using you, I’m here to assure you, He is listening also!!
    Keep up the great kingdom work!


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