Don’t Let Your Competencies Crush Your Soul

It wasn’t my working frustrations that started eating up my time and energy. My bosses and co-workers were well aware of the areas where I lacked skill or gifting. It was my areas of working competency which left me confused as I experienced both high productivity and low satisfaction in my career.  I was producing … More Don’t Let Your Competencies Crush Your Soul

Rules Fall Short

I’m looking forward to the day I no longer have to give rules to my daughters.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not excited about them growing up. I love them at these ages. The thing about having young kids at the house is we have to teach them a lot of rules. The rules … More Rules Fall Short

One More Rep

I do this thing on our elliptical machine to help me push through barriers. I tell myself, “just one more minute.” I do that because in those moments I am tired and looking for a finish line – yet I know I want to keep moving forward. If I stop going, I will stop growing. … More One More Rep

Prayer of Alignment

Make me now Thy chosen chalice, Giving drink that makes men whole. How do you approach big weekends in the church? Much time and planning is given towards the external work and preparation…but how do you prepare your heart for an important service or a meaningful event? I have found the most important preparatory work … More Prayer of Alignment

Easter is Coming

I heard about this stage of parenting. People make jokes, stories are told, but it is just recently that I finally accepted reality – we have entered into the “WHY” phase. You know what that phase is right? Our daughter asks why all of the time these days. Sometimes it is a really cute moment … More Easter is Coming