Easter is Coming

I heard about this stage of parenting. People make jokes, stories are told, but it is just recently that I finally accepted reality – we have entered into the “WHY” phase. You know what that phase is right? Our daughter asks why all of the time these days. Sometimes it is a really cute moment – and other times we need her to do something quickly and instead of fast action she will pause and look at us and say, “WHY?”

The “WHY” stage is not a bad thing. It forces me to think every time I ask her to do something. I could deliver the cliché, “because I said so” but that is just an attempt to shut down the conversation. Her why question is important because it makes me think for a moment and consider the reason I asked her to do something. Asking why forces me to go back and consider the purpose behind my request.

Around the church Easter is a busy season. Increase crowds and added service times create a lot of pressure for those in the Church. Depending on your seat on the bus you are likely working to identify extra people who can serve this Easter weekend or you are being asked to jump in at greater levels within your church this weekend.

This is a great time to revisit the WHY of this weekend. You see under pressure there is the danger to make asks without casting vision. There is a danger of well meaning service and activity without a sense of purpose. Yes we are moving fast and time is precious.   However we must ensure that we take time to remember why this weekend is important.

Do not fall into the trap of sending out SOS signals within your church because you need extra hands this weekend. Do not guilt or manipulate people into solving your pressure.

Easter is coming – and it is one of the best opportunities for us as leaders to cast vision to the people of our church. It is a weekend we celebrate the saving work of Christ on our behalf. It is an opportunity for us to paint a picture of the gospel and invite people to say yes to Jesus. Within the church we consider Easter to be something of our Super Bowl weekend.

Allow the momentum of Easter weekend to create vision-casting opportunities between you and your volunteers. Do not just ask them to help because you are really busy. Paint a picture of how they could make a different on the biggest weekend of the year.

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