One More Rep

I do this thing on our elliptical machine to help me push through barriers. I tell myself, “just one more minute.” I do that because in those moments I am tired and looking for a finish line – yet I know I want to keep moving forward. If I stop going, I will stop growing. I know that I will grow stronger and healthy if I take just one more minute to exercise. One more rep matters, one more lifting of the weight, one more high intensity minute on the elliptical. When my mind and strength are screaming I should be done but my heart and soul want me to keep going – I do one more rep.

Have you ever reached that point in your areas of influence? Have you gotten to a place where you are weary and are just ready to be done for (fill in the blank)…the day? The week? The season? Wherever you are involved it is natural to reach a point where physically or mentally you are done. Wherever you serve you likely jumped in with a good bit of energy and passion. You were the new kid who only saw shine and overlooked the rust. But over time you grew a little tired and weary – it happens to all of us. When you are tired and ready to disengage there is one important thing you should do:

One More Rep.

Growth happens when we push through. Long-term success comes from building a legacy of doing one more rep whether we feel like it or not. Whatever it is you do to build the Kingdom of God, you likely began out of a desire and passion to make a difference. That has not changed – what changed is our stamina. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons a person should step away from serving. Often times though people disengage because of how they feel – their mind or strength is giving way under pressure.

I want to challenge and encourage you today wherever you lead, wherever you serve – do one more rep.

  • Lead your team through one more season.
  • Open up the door for one more new person.
  • Play your guitar for one more set.
  • Engage with a student for one more conversation.
  • Lead kids through an activity one more time.
  • Extend one more invitation to a friend for church this weekend.
  • Have the next hard conversation you have been putting off.

Wherever it is that God has given you influence, dig in your heels and giving it one more great rep. When I look at the spiritual giants – those who had a faith many of us would like to emulate, I observe this “one more rep” thinking at work. The growth we desire in our spiritual journey is cultivated as we continue to do the next rep.

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