Perspective Shift

There are a couple of volunteer teams which I have the honor of working directly alongside here at 12Stone. One of those teams is our Parking Warriors – a group of committed individuals who ensure that the first impression and last impression here at the church is as good as can be.  We call them … More Perspective Shift

Building a Farm Team

Have you ever appreciated the development process that exists in professional sports?  Take for instance baseball.  My wife has recently become a baseball fan, which is proof that miracles still happen today.  A baseball club has a complex system of developmental levels which help to ensure a steady flow of top notch talent to their … More Building a Farm Team

Just Ask

Let me start off with a confession – I am “ASK” happy.  I love to make ASKS of people.  In my work at 12Stone there might be no greater joy than making ASKS of others. Now it’s probably a good time to pause and tell you what I mean by the ASK.  The ASK is … More Just Ask

The Rule of 3

How do you bridge the gap of disconnection? Recently my mind and heart have been caught up with this question – specifically when it comes to the Sunday experience at our church.  You see I believe the local Church is the single greatest thing happening on the planet. I also believe that every single person … More The Rule of 3

How to Recruit Someone to Your Team

People do not just accidently end up involved in meaningful work. Natural gravitation moves us towards disconnected and uninvolved. Therefore the work of every leader is to create environments and opportunities where people can engage. One of the most common words used for this dynamic is “recruit.” Not everyone excels at recruiting. Some people get … More How to Recruit Someone to Your Team