Leading a team might be one of the most exciting parts of ministry.  There is nothing quite like gathering a group of people, helping them to come together and work in coordination to fulfill a vision.  A group of people working together can accomplish more than we could ever imagine.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world…”– Margaret Mead

So what does it look like to lead a team?  If you find yourself in the pilot’s seat, what do you need to pay attention to so your team can soar?  While there are numerous things worthy of your time and attention as a leader, paying attention to all of it might be a bit like watching the instrumentation dashboard on a plane. While there are many things that could benefit from our attention as leaders, I would suggest that to lead a volunteer team well you must tend to 3 basic components.

Recruiting – Integration – Retention

Now in any season you are likely to find one of those components needing attention on your team.  Recruiting, Integration and Retention are not tools you gain and then never tend to again.  They are skills which you must continue to hone over time.

On your team, which of these 3 components needs your time and attention today?