4 Levels of Accomplishment

There is no mistaking the joy and satisfaction found in accomplishing something great. There is a healthy pride that wells up when you work towards a goal and you accomplish it. This week the North Carolina Tar Heels are feeling that way after claiming their 6th NCAA Basketball title. Most of us desire to use our time and energy to accomplish worthwhile things.

I love getting to sit with young leaders to talk about drive and accomplishment. Around 12Stone we have so many fantastic young leaders, and each of them have a desire to figure out how much they can accomplish in their lives. One of the biggest mistakes I made early in my ministry career was thinking about accomplishment in terms of “what I can get done.” I’ve come to realize that I am not alone when it comes to that struggle.

“What I can get done” is actually the lowest level of accomplishment. To look at your calendar and responsibilities only considering what you personally can get done is to limit your potential impact. This way of thinking will accomplish far less in your life than you might imagine.

There are 4 levels of accomplishment in life:

Level 1 – What I Can Accomplish: The question of what you can accomplish is a question of work ethic. Yes gifting and skillset matter, but the truth is I have seen unskilled people with low gifting accomplish much in their lifetime. They just keep working when other people quit. A good work ethic will often help a person of average skill and gifting rise above their peers. (Click to tweet)

Level 2 – What I Can Accomplish with Others: A team almost always helps people look better than they really are. Working with other people creates a synergy that makes it possible for you to accomplish more than you could do on your own. (Click to tweet) The question of what you can help others accomplish is a question of servant-hood. At this level you find people who are trying to accomplish the same things you are and you maximize your effort by helping them. When you use your strong work ethic in coordination with others you start to add up accomplishments at an increased pace.

Level 3 – What I Can Accomplish Through Others – The question of what you can accomplish through others has to do with Management skills. You have people under your responsibility and care and you direct them to accomplish the things you want done. Your limited time and effort are multiplied out through the various people you manage.

Level 4 – What I Can Help Others Accomplish Through Others – When you are able to direct your time and energy to help those around you accomplish greatness through layers that is Leadership. You are not only involving others in the process of accomplishing something great – you are teaching people around you to do the same thing. At this level there is exponential potential for what you can accomplish.

When it comes to the question of what you can accomplish in your lifetime:

  • I can do something
  • What I can help others do adds up to something
  • What I can accomplish through others multiplies into something
  • What I can help others accomplish through layers exponentially increases to something

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