The Rule of 3

How do you bridge the gap of disconnection? Recently my mind and heart have been caught up with this question – specifically when it comes to the Sunday experience at our church.  You see I believe the local Church is the single greatest thing happening on the planet. I also believe that every single person in our local area has latent need for connection in the Church. This isn’t about numbers, it is about souls desperate for what only God can provide.

Every time we watch a disconnected or unknown (to us) person walk in the doors of our church, it is the beginning of God working to bring that latent need to the surface. God is beginning a work – and He wants us to partner with Him and bridge the gap. How do we help people experience the connection that they need?

It starts by realizing we are the answer; God wants to use us. He specifically leads us to unique posts where we can be used to bridge the gap of connection. Whether you stand at a door saying hello or you hand out coffee…whether you help people find their parking spot or their seat in the auditorium…whether you work on a stage or behind the scenes…it does not matter if you work with babies, teens or adults you are in a position where God wants to use you to connect people.

You are doing more than filling a spot on a team. How do you take your post, your position on the team, and leverage it as a way to connect people into the life of the Church? Here are 2 thoughts to help drive you towards intentionality:

  • Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone – you do not have the capacity to build a bridge of connection for everyone person around you. Do not let the vastness of the need stop you from doing something. You might not be able to give focused time and attention to everyone – but you can for someone. Go the extra mile for someone who crosses your path.
  • Practice the Rule of 3 The rule of 3 is a simple mechanism that helps to inform you when it is time to engage someone at the next level. Pick a set period of time (maybe a month), and if the same person crosses your path 3 times go ahead and ask them to sit down for a cup of coffee. Maybe they come by your section every week when you serve, or maybe you run into them at the store or out in the community. At the point when you could say, “man we keep running into each other…” go ahead and ask them to sit down. Buy some coffee, ask them to tell their story, and allow God to use you to gently encourage them towards a next step of connection.

One thought on “The Rule of 3

  1. Good item I always talk to the new People.We have to be very careful not to get into small groups that stay in those groups and do not disperse to talk to anyone else. It ends up that People end up on their own.Of course I am talking about England with only 90 to 100 People but this is important whatever the numbers.Love is the key


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