Position ≠ Purpose

Your Position on the team is different than your Purpose on the team.

Your position on the team is determined by a framework. Every team needs a framework. A framework helps us to understand things like:

  • Who do I report to?
  • Who does each job on the team?
  • Who is accountable for our results? 

That framework does not dictate or decide the purpose you and I have on our team, it simply describes our seat on the bus.

It can tell you who is in charge, and who handles problems and promotions; it clarifies everyone’s position on the team.

Your purpose on the team and the value you bring are informed by the gifts, skills, and strengths you uniquely carry. Find your purpose on the team instead of settling for your position on the team. When members of a team do this:

  • The best ideas don’t have to exclusively come from the boss
  • The most detailed work might come from someone not in an administrative role
  • Practical problem solving is able to come from someone not connected to the problem
  • Great meetings can be facilitated by team members who aren’t necessarily the leader

Don’t settle for simply fulfilling a job description and living within the confines of your position. Discover your unique purpose on your team and find ways to lean into it.

It will make you happier. It will make your team better. It’s worth the journey.

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