Consider What You Do Not See

There is so much going on around us that we somehow miss. Each of us have biases that affects what we see.  I recently bought a new car and now I see that car everywhere; I never noticed it before now.  The model isn’t new to the road, I had just neglected to notice it before now. Most of us have experienced that bias on the road where we suddenly notice cars we had previously overlooked.

My experience on the road has reminded me of a simply reality; there is so much I neglect to see in life.  I miss things just like you do.  I sit and watch a movie and then have friends ask if I noticed an important detail and I think, “how did I miss that?

None of us are perfect. We constantly have so many messages and information points coming at us that it is impossible to catch everything.

For some of us the most important question we can ask today is, “what I am missing?” For many of us there is a more basic and essential question to consider – “am I aware that there are things I am missing?”  It takes humility and self-awareness to acknowledge you do not see it all and do not know it all.  It requires an honest curiosity to question and explore the things which are currently hidden to you. It necessitates a trust of people around you who can point out things which you are blind to.

Sometimes those things might be opportunities you never noticed…such as a personal strength you seem to ignore or a relationship that deserves more attention.

Other times those things might be hard realities to address…such as a sexist or racial bias or personal character defects.

Each of us have blindspots. We have things which sit hidden beyond our view. Our greatest opportunities for growth are often intertwined with two things:

  1. Humility to acknowledge there are things we do not see
  2. Willingness to explore and act on things unseen

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