Value People Above Everything

I’ve noticed over the years that people are involved in almost everything I do.  Every goal I have or dream I picture involves people in some way.  Every breakdown or issue in my life is intricately connected to people. People are not only a key part of the destination they are also a key part of the journey.  I have made my life’s work building the Church – which is simply a collection of people under the banner of Jesus.

God makes much of people.  The Bible is a collection of historical records, stories and insights around God’s people.  Jesus was sent to earth to redeem people.  If you want to have a conversation about anything of spiritual significance it will come around to the way you view and interact with people.

The question for us today is when it comes to the things we value in life – where do people fall?  What are your top priorities in life?  I’ve noticed that unless I am really intentional I will treat a lot of things as having higher value and greater importance than people.  The natural pull of life can cause us to devalue people.

Devaluing people is like a self-inflicted wound.  Each of us all called to serve people.  We in the church are working to build people up spiritually.  Educators are charged to develop the minds of people.  Those of you in the business community?  You build systems and organizations that help employees thrive and provide a product or service that serves customers.  We are all in the people business.

For that reason we must seek to value people above all.   Progress is important – but progress doesn’t happen without people, and the purpose of progress is for people.  Do not fall into the trap of valuing progress above people.

I’d like to challenge you today to value people above everything else.  Consider the needs, thoughts and pressure of those around you as you go throughout your day.  Before you send that next email think about the person on the other side of it – not the task you want to accomplish.  Lean into a genuine care of people and appreciation of those around you, and allow that care to inform the decisions you make today.

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