A New Volunteer Intersection

When it comes to the work of recruiting and leading volunteers there is a sacred intersection which we must navigate.  It is a convergence of 2 responsibilities we have as spiritual leaders. Each responsibility has its own level of importance in the work of building the church. Each one involves nuances and complexities more numerous than you can count.

What are these responsibilities which intersect in our volunteer work?

  1. The uniqueness of each individual. God creates every person with a unique blend of passion, wiring and gifting to be used in a specific way.
  2. The practical ministry needs that exist within the local church.

Our role as recruiters, pastors or volunteer leaders is to help individuals find this sacred intersection.  This intersection is not a coincidence, it does not exist by happenstance – it is by God’s design.  It is His will to involve His children in the work of the Church.  More than involved, He has specially gifted each of us with personality, talents and resources to fulfill a unique role.  Simply put – God has designed a specific role for each of us.

In a pinch we as leaders can sometimes forget (or ignore) the uniqueness of each person for the sake of solving our felt pressure.  Practical ministry pressure is a real thing.  Stuff has to get done and under pressure we can become hammers and make everyone around us a nail.

That is why we must take time to remind ourselves that we are not here to fill roles.  Our job does not boil down to accomplishing a series of tasks.  We are here to help people discover and engage in that which they were created for.  We exist for the purpose of empowering the children of God to engage in the work of God.

We must avoid living for a lessor dream.  Do not allow ministry pressure to shortcut you from the responsibility God has placed on your shoulders.  You are called to help people find their perfect place of ministry effectiveness.  You are also called to be a good steward of your area of ministry.  Find the sacred intersection of those 2 things and you will help people discover that sweet spot which God created them for.

2 thoughts on “A New Volunteer Intersection

  1. Good item.We feel a bit lost at the moment.Because we are under revue because of something my Husband said and we gave something to somebody !We hope it is going to be resolved soon as the Lady who does it at the moment has difficulties with doing it.We want to do something will have to wait and see.We are banned from volunteering incase someone comes in that sees us who knows we are excluded knows we are !!


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