Slow Down for Fun

This morning I have a quick thought for the driven leader – those of us who can focus so hard on a goal that everything else is a blur.  If that is you, I have a small encouragement for you:

Slow down for fun.

I love driving forward.  I really enjoy pushing ahead.  I can sometimes enter seasons when I push so hard to accomplish that I lose relatability with the people I serve.  The faster you drive the less margin you have to simply connect and engage with others.  The problem with this is simple – you have to actually connect with people if you want to lead them.  You can drive however fast you want, but if no one wants to be in the car with you then you aren’t really leading.

Slow down for laughter, conversation and connection.  I’m not suggesting you shut down the driven part of your personality…just take time to shift into a different gear every now and then.

Each of us must find our own ways to slow down for fun.  In this season one of the things I do probably sounds silly, but it is fun for me and for some of my fellow Falcons fans.  To help slow down for fun I committed myself to making 1 funny (debatable) parody video a week for every new Falcons game.

Now I cannot sing.  At all.  I am a #ToneDefFalconsFan that is slowing down to have some fun each week.  It’s created some fun conversations with people around me – and certainly keeps me humble. (smile)

With a big Super Bowl rematch coming this week I thought I would share this week’s video a little early and have fun with it this week.  So click below if you would like to enjoy a poorly sung but passionate parody for my hometown Atlanta Falcons:

And of course if you laughed and enjoyed this, feel free to share online and tag some New England Patriot fans who you want to call out this week!


One thought on “Slow Down for Fun

  1. Great reminder on taking time to connect with people! But Cory…… don’t quit your day job. 😉 LOL #ILoveBillBelichick


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