Do Not Bore Your Team

I have been an Atlanta sports fan for most of my life. I’ve lived through the ups and downs of the 90’s Braves. I watched with excitement as Morton Anderson took us to our first Super Bowl – only to watch John Elway crush us. All the highs and lows of this city – I have experienced them as a fan. I have learned to balance optimism and heart break.

Can I tell you one of the hardest things about being a fan in this city? We are consistently inconsistent. When world champs come to town we play like one of the big boys. However when a team with no momentum comes to town we find all the ways possible to play down to them. I used to be shocked by the ability of my favorite teams to alternate between sharp and dull. I was confused until I started working with a team.

When you work with people you realize that most people want to rise to the occasion. Not everyone rises to every challenge, but people in general want to rise up and accomplish something great. So when your team goes up against a big challenge they find ways to work together and do impossible things. That is the beauty of a team.

However much like my favorite sports teams, when met with a minimal challenge, a team of people can quickly under perform out of boredom. They are not intending to play down to the challenge, but boredom has a way of causing us to lose focus.

So what are you doing to keep things fresh and challenging on your team? Find ways to make sure you team and each of its players feel challenged and engaged. No one wants to be on a team and feel bored. Do not allow someone to be on your team and wonder if his or her involvement makes a difference.

When people feel challenged and stretched they stay fully engaged and (often times) rise above what they thought they could accomplish. (Click to tweet) When people do not feel challenged their minds and eyes start to wander. Find ways to invite your team to more…to next level challenges, to new projects or roles. Don’t allow your team to show up and be bored. Pave a way for the people on your team to identify new territory that they can take. Empower your players to take on new challenges. Believe in your people and their ability to accomplish great things today.

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