5 Things We Need to Create a Healthy Volunteer Culture

Let me start by saying I wish these thoughts were mine originally – because they are really good! A few years ago I sat in on a web conference put on by Newspring Church. During one of the sessions Perry Noble delivered thoughts on the 5 things we need if we want to create a healthy volunteer culture. I was going back through my notes this week and thought these were some valuable insights to pass along.

I want to be a part of creating a healthy volunteer culture…and I hope you do as well. I want the teams I am a part of to flourish. There is a story found early in the book of John that helps to highlight the various things we need if we want our teams to be healthy. The backdrop for the opening of John 2 is a wedding in which Jesus and His disciples are in attendance.

While looking into this wedding story we find 5 things we need to create a healthy volunteer culture:

  • An Awareness of His Presence – the opening couple of verses of this wedding story in John 2 take time to note that Jesus was there. A volunteer team goes to the next level when they realize that with Jesus in the house, the potential for supernatural is unlimited. (Click to tweet) Stay aware of the presence of God among us – it is His presence that makes the difference in what we do.
  • A Desperation for His Voice – there is great clarity found in the words of Mary, “do whatever He tells you.” Our work is spiritual in nature, so we cannot settle for activity…we must be desperate to hear His voice and His guidance for our work. We must desire revelation, not simply imitation. (Click to tweet)
  • A Realization of what He has given us – one of the most detrimental things we can do is make excuses. There will always be better tools and resources that are out there – but you cannot overlook what God has already given you to get the job done. You must fight a mindset that says, “If I only had _______, we could ______.” In this wedding account there were stone jars typically used for washing. I picture these things looking like barrels. They might not have looked like much, but they were the vessels Jesus would use for a miracle.
  • A Desire to work hard – if you want to see God do miraculous work through your team, you better be prepared to work. God works through people who work! Notice what happened in the story – the servants had to work hard. They had to go get water and fill the stone jars. In the process of people doing what God said to do the miracle happened – and only the servants got to see the miracle up close. Work hard and participate in God’s will – don’t simply pray for it.
  • A Desire for people to see Him clearly – why did Jesus perform the miracle? Was it so the people could enjoy some great wine? The purpose is found in John 2:11 – where it said this was a sign to help reveal the Glory of God. Our work and effort are valuable when they lead to others seeing Jesus clearly. (Click to tweet)

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