6 Things that Leak in Your Leadership

Have you ever had a leaky Starbucks cup? It is the worst. You finally get to the front of the line, get your java in hand and then notice with every sip a little bit of coffee landing on your shirt. Perhaps this is a rare occasion for you, but for me it is almost a weekly occurrence.

A leaky cup is frustrating because slowly over time the contents of the cup are lost. Maybe leaky cups are not an issue for you. What about a leaky pipe in your house? Or maybe you have dealt with an oil leak from your car? Leaks are an unfortunately reality in life – those things which are created to hold something good can over time develop a leak.

Leaks are not limited to cups, pipes and engines…we as humans have to deal with internal leaks every once in a while. A leak left unaddressed can cause big problems down the road.

Pay attention to these 6 things that will leak in your life:

  1. Vision leaks – this is an axiom made popular by Bill Hybels. No matter how sharp and/or passionate we are, no matter your initial level of buy-in…over time vision will leak. Over time we move from, “I know why we are doing this” to “Why does this matter?” Find ways to remind yourself of the vision – the hope of a better future that fuels you for today.
  1. Attitude leaks – have you ever noticed over time a positive attitude can slowly descend into a negative attitude? For better or worse the attitude you have will leak out to the people around you. Let the attitude which leaks out of you be an attitude you would want others to carry. (Click to tweet)
  1. Nearness leaks – relationships are dynamic, always experiencing a move towards closer together or drifting apart. The nearness you have today will leak over time. If you want to continue experiencing nearness (to God, to family, friends or coworkers) then you must be intentional about consistently investing in relationships around you. (Click to tweet)
  1. Newness leaks – around 12Stone Church we talk about the A-zone and B-zone in life. The A-zone is when everything is new and exciting. The B-zone is where everything is difficult and draining. The exciting feel of “new” will leak. Find a way to make your grass greener instead of looking for greener grass in a new location. (Click to tweet)
  1. Discipline leaks – New Years resolutions are a great example of the idea that discipline leaks. Burger joints are slow and gyms are busy during the first 30-60 days of the year. However the intentionality and focus we have when starting something eventually runs low. Consistent discipline over time requires consistent intentionality right now. (Click to tweet)
  1. Gratefulness leaks – time has a way of allowing gratitude to erode. Just because you have a thankful heart today does not mean you will feel grateful tomorrow. Cultivate a countenance of gratitude that informs your feelings instead of being informed by your feelings. (Click to tweet)

One thought on “6 Things that Leak in Your Leadership

  1. Looking forward to getting your inspirations. I have been used in leadership. It all started, following Salvation, by being intentional about Pdalm 119:9&11. The Word, the Spirit & the Blood are doing all the work. But I must continue to be intentional about reading, believing & trusting the Word & “believing in the One He sent.”
    Jesus has made & continues to make me a new creation & a son of God Almighty.


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