Church is Like a Holiday Dinner

Our family has some pretty consistent traditions around the holiday season. On those special days everyone ends up at our house in the morning. An overflow of coffee is a requirement to start out the day. There is always a huge meal that seems like it could feed 5x the people in our house. The last piece of the day is usually a trip to the movies.

The meal is important in our family tradition. You see it is a time where some are called upon to make their go-to side dish. It is also a meal where some of us try our hand at a new recipe. The kitchen and dining room look a bit like Grand Central Station as we all zip around working to make the meal happen. By the time we sit down to eat the meal everyone has had a key part to play.

We tend to finish holiday celebrations at the movies. Looking for a way to be inspired and entertained we walk in and buy our tickets as workers point us in the right direction. Taking a seat we enjoy the movie experience and then leave as we reflect on thoughts from the movie.

Our church experience each week should feel more like a family holiday dinner and less like a trip to the movies (Click to tweet). Our goal must be to do more than entertain and accomplish tasks with as few people as possible. A great church experience is one where everyone contributes and everyone benefits (Click to tweet).

For our holiday meals Cami has to make the sweet potato casserole, because she is the best at it. We don’t let my sister off the hook from making her hash-brown casserole – because what she makes is really good and we all benefit from it. My job is anything on the grill – and you will find me ready to serve at my post whether it is needed or not.

The same should be true in our churches. Every person has skills, talents and abilities that need to be leveraged to make a great weekend experience. Every person has a way to contribute, and our goal should be that every part of the family has a way to contribute to the spiritual meal. Find your post, branch out and try something new, be a contributor to the weekly service at your church (Click to tweet).

Now notice I am talking about the family – not guests. Often at holiday dinners there are guests who join us at the table. When a guest shows up at your home for the holidays you don’t put them to work; you allow them to enjoy the meal without having to contribute. However sometimes guests wants to jump in and help…when that happens, let them! It is a way for them to express belonging in your home.

Today wherever you serve, make it your goal to create space and opportunity for every person to be involved.


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