4 Elements of a Great Volunteer Team

There are a few new items taking up residence on the shelves of our home. Our daughter has a growing desire to play with board games. She does not really understand the rules, but she loves setting up the board and playing with all of the pieces. At clean up time she looks at me like I am crazy because I want to make sure all of the pieces go back into the box. Perhaps you know as well as I do the frustration of setting up a game only to discover a critical piece is missing.

If you want to fully enjoy the game, you have to make sure all of the pieces are in play. The same thing is true on every volunteer team. People do not want to be a part of an average team. If you are a leader, the last thing you want is to invest your time and energy to lead a mediocre team.

Each of us desires to participate on a team that has high engagement, positive momentum and killer results. I believe there are 4 critical elements to a great team experience. When a team is missing one of these elements they might function and “get the job done” but it wont be an environment where people flourish.

The 4 Elements of a Great Volunteer Team are:

  • Divine Help (Prayer) – No matter the function of our team, the nature of our work is spiritual. We do our part and we entrust God with the results. Great teams take time to collectively pause, declare their great need and express dependence. Prayer invites the power of God into the practical functions of our team. (Click to tweet) Through prayer we support the needs of those on the team, find favor for the work of the team and open our hearts for those God might bring to the team.

2 thoughts on “4 Elements of a Great Volunteer Team

  1. Great tips. For those among us who are uncomfortable with words like God or Prayer – honest hardworking people could choose to use mindful reflection – or focused meditation in lieu of what other call prayer and achieve similar results.


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