Build the Church

What is worth your time? What are the things that you allow to fill up your calendar – and what are the things that are most worth having on your calendar? One of the things I like to do annually is go back and look at my calendar. I look back so I can get a quick idea of how I spent my time.

How many different people did I grab coffee with? How much did I work? How much time did I invest in my family? It takes 365 days to spend a year of your life – and it only takes 10-20 minutes to look back and decide if it was a year well spent. (click to tweet) In order to evaluate these things you must first have some idea of priorities – what are the most important things in life, which deserve your time?

I would suggest to you that high atop your priority list should be your investment into your local church. I am not saying the largest chunk of time on your calendar should be church activities. However as you prioritize your time you should give special consideration to that which God has put in place as a haven for believers and a light for those who do not yet believe.

The local church is a beacon of hope in a community; it is a refuge in the middle of a chaotic world. (Click to tweet) This is why I believe that aside from investing in your family the work of building the Church is the greatest thing we could give our time towards.

The Bible speaks of the Church in wedding language, referring to God as the groom and the Church as the bride. When our hearts are in tune with the heart of God we cannot help but want to build and serve His bride. (click to tweet) I have been able to be a part of many wedding ceremonies – and one consistent trend is that the best way the wedding party can serve the groom is by making sure his bride is well taken care of for their special day.

You see the Church, in all its many gatherings and unique reflections, is the greatest thing in which we should invest our time. Though it is not perfect, the Church is a gift from God to a world in need.

The greatest opportunity we have in front of us is to build into the Church – to build on earth what will exist eternally.


2 thoughts on “Build the Church

  1. Excellent message for today! We are called as God’s children to work in the vineyards laboring for the lost souls. And if what we do to build the kingdom requires where we start in service at the church, then we should be happy to serve to do our part for the kingdom, just as God blesses us daily because he loves us do much!


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