Do You See Possibilities?

I serve in an environment that seems to attract the entrepreneur type of person. Lots of people with keen eyes and sharp minds, which usually keeps me on my toes.

One of the things I have learned working with this group of people is that there are constantly ways we could improve our team. Whether it is a minor tweak or a new initiative it seems as though the ideas are never ending.

As a leader I want to cultivate an environment where all of us are constantly looking for new growth opportunities. I want everyone who serves with me to look around, ponder and ask, “what do I see that could be, but is not and should be?” (click to tweet)

What do I see…that could be…but is not…and should be?

This sort of thinking invites each of us to rise for new opportunities – but it also requires something of us.

Not every person sees every opportunity. Remember the start of the question – “what do I see…”. It might shock you to find out that you see possibilities that not everyone can see. It is a special thing when you have vision and see possibilities.

The fact that not everyone sees what you see can create tension within, because we wonder why certain things remain undone. What does it mean when you see a need that others overlook?

God opens our eyes to what could be so that we can ACT. (click to tweet) So when you see something that could be, that is because God is likely opening your eyes so you can act. God gives each of us vision to see things that not everyone can see.

So when you see a need, or a new opportunity, or a possibility to better something on your team – that is a pretty good sign that you are called to be part of the solution.

God does not reveal things to you on accident. As you notice possibilities around you, embrace the fact that God might be calling you to make those possibilities a reality.

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