A Leaders Prayer Opens Doors

All of us have areas in our life where we are influence and carry a degree of leadership. Some hold positions where leader is part of the title; others are highly influential through informal channels. Wherever it is that you carry influence there is something essential you must know – it matters that you pray and it matters how you pray.

You see all prayers matter, but the prayers of a leader are second to none. A leaders prayer has the greatest ability to influence the heart of God and the heart of the people.

Those who have spiritual influence are positioned to affect the health and development of those they influence. Therefore the words, actions and prayers of that leader have greater impact than anyone else.

The prayers of a leader are second to none, so it matters who prays. (click to tweet)  I love it when other people pray for my wife and daughter. However it matters more that I pray for them because they have been entrusted to me. It matters more that I pray for my team and each of the people on the team because they have been entrusted to me for spiritual leadership.

All prayers matter, all are important, but your prayers over that which God has entrusted to you matter more. Whether you have been entrusted with little or with much, it matters that you pray.

Things of spiritual importance do not happen outside of prayer. Consider this – wherever you serve you are not there accidentally, you were prayed into that position. Ask a leader who has open positions on their team…there are prayers happening behind the scenes. There is heart felt desire for God to meet the need and supply the right person for the role.

Behind every position is a prayer. Supporting the spiritual influence of any person is a foundation of prayer. Prayer moves things in Heaven and earth, and it is by prayer that people are placed into positions of spiritual influence.

Prayer plants you in your current position, and prayer is essential to accomplish your mission(Click to tweet)

So wherever you have influence, commit yourself to prayer. Embrace the reality that you as the leader offer up prayers that have greater influence and impact than anyone else.

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