Are you a Cup or a Pitcher?

Every morning when I go into the kitchen I grab a cup from the shelf so I can have some water to start the day. It is just a daily habit. Pretty sure I grab the same cup almost every day. And that cup fits my need – it will allow me to have enough water to quench my thirst first thing in the morning.

But what if I wasn’t the only one drinking out of that cup? If I tried sharing that cup of water between myself, Cami and Nora it would probably seem a little weird. See the cup is the right size to fill me up, but it is too small to quench the thirst of multiple people. It would be silly for me to attempt to use that same cup to quench the thirst of my whole family.

When you become a spiritual leader you become the tool God uses to quench the spiritual thirst of those you lead. When you become a leader it is time to trade in your cup and get a pitcher.

I shared a little bit in my last post about our dependence on God. Each one of us is dependent on God, and we ask that He would pour in and fill our cup. We ask that He would give us what we need for today. We are each cups created to be filled by God.

Spiritual leaders need to be more than a cup. They depend on God to meet not only their own need but also the needs of those they lead. Spiritual leadership requires you to become a pitcher, because you are used by God to pour into the lives of others.

Here are a few quick thoughts about being a pitcher:


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