Living Dependent

Spiritual leadership is an entrustment – it is authority bestowed for the sake of building the Kingdom of God. As you read these words I pray God is reminding you of the spiritual influence He has given you. We are accountable for that influence. It is our role and responsibility as leaders to leverage spiritual leadership and influence to grow the Church.

This is a holy entrustment. It is a sacred responsibility.

One of the greatest gifts I believe God gives us is a unique paring – authority and inability. God makes us accountable to go “make things happen” and yet within ourselves we do not have the ability make things happen. The scriptures indicate that God has given us gifts, talents and abilities as He sees fit. Yet it also indicate that He equally disperses one great gift to all…dependency.

No matter our level of skills and competencies, we are all equally dependent on God. (Click to tweet)

This is the great tension we live within. Generally this tension can drive us to one of two dangers:

  • Default to inactivity – because we are unable to accomplish significant things within our own power
  • Default to hyperactivity – attempt to work so hard that we overcome our dependence.

Wherever God has placed you – become comfortable living within the tension of accountability and dependence. There is a beauty that comes from living within the tension. Living as men and women who are both accountable and dependent causes you to grow.

If you are a spiritual leader the greatest work God wants to accomplish in your life is in you. No matter how much you accomplish, God’s desire is to do something greater within you. He does this by placing you within the tension of high accountability (go make things happen for the Kingdom) and high dependence (you are not going to accomplish anything without His favor).




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