Eight Things I Wish People Heard From Us When We Serve

When we serve we use actions to communicate something beyond words.  Most of us have heard the axiom that “Our actions speak louder than our words.”  Through service we communicate things that are either beyond our ability to articulate or beyond others ability to receive with their ears.  Sometimes it is helpful to consider what … More Eight Things I Wish People Heard From Us When We Serve

i4 Training

When was the last time you started something new?  A new sport? A new job? A new volunteer team?  New is often exciting – and along with the excitement come questions like, “how do I do this? A few years ago I had a conversation with a friend who (as far as I could tell) … More i4 Training

Never Casual

Remember the first day you showed up for a new job?  Or maybe you can recall the first date you ever went on.  Perhaps you remember the feeling of showing up the first time for your volunteer team.  When things are new and fresh we tend to show up at the top of our game. … More Never Casual

The Rule of 3

How do you bridge the gap of disconnection? Recently my mind and heart have been caught up with this question – specifically when it comes to the Sunday experience at our church.  You see I believe the local Church is the single greatest thing happening on the planet. I also believe that every single person … More The Rule of 3