Do You Have a Coach?

Even the most talented of people need good coaching to make the most of their opportunities. From kids running the wrong direction on the t-ball field to Olympic athletes breaking world records – coaches offer outside help so each of us can get better.  

I’ve loved to watch great coaching make an impact on my favorite teams:

  • Kirby Smart (UGA)
  • Dan Quinn (Atlanta Falcons)
  • Joe Maddon (Chicago Cubs)

No matter if these guys represent your team or not…whether you are a fan of sports or not…I’d like to give you a few names:

Roquan Smith, Sony Michel, Anthony Rizzo, Julio Jones, Jake Fromm, Matt Ryan, Kris Bryant, Keanu Neal, D’Andre Swift, Javier Baez…

These guys are INSANE athletes on their own. I’ve been able to watch the best of their talent because they partnered their talent with good coaching to make them better. That is what good coaching does – it builds on the skills and talent that is already there and helps you breakthrough to new levels of effectiveness and success.

I’m loving (and hating) that experience at my gym. I’ve tried working out on my own for years – but I go to the gym with someone coaching me and suddenly I am breaking through barriers and doing things I never could before.

A good coaching relationship makes all the difference for people who want to get better. Whether you are trying to get better personally, professionally, spiritually, or relationally some outside help (coaching) can often give you the inside track for breakthrough.  The question is do you have a coach? Have you intentionally sought and built relationships with those who can help you experience breakthrough?

I’ve been on the receiving end of great coaching throughout the years. Like many of you, I had natural gifting and skills which were already present. However by inviting people to coach me along the way I’ve been able to maximize what God put within me. Because I have benefited from great coaching along the way I have been looking for ways to pass it on to others. 

That is why I am excited to announce the launch of a six month coaching group – the Church Engagement Accelerator:

This group is for men and women who want to influence the way their church, non-profit or civic organization draws people in from the fringe and moves them towards engaged.

To apply or get more information about this six month group please see the Church Engagement Accelerator Application form.

If you are interested in more specialized coaching or consultation support for your church we invite you to consider using Lebo Consulting Group.

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