Far too often we allow the outcome to be dictated by our environment.

  • The small group did not launch because not enough people joined.
  • We broke up because it just was not working out.
  • Our team could not accomplish all we wanted because the task was too much.
  • My family is distant because our calendars are just so busy.

The natural pull of this life will cause your wins and losses to be dictated by the environment around you.  Your life should not be a result of your environment, your environment should be a result of your life.  (What the heck does that mean?)

You have the ability to be the reason things around you are working.  You also have the ability to be the reason things around you are breaking.

Consider the challenge currently sitting in front of you. It might be a relationship that is floundering.  Perhaps it is a job responsibility that causes you anxiety. Maybe you have some sort of leadership influence or role in a group or team that lacks momentum.

You have the ability right now to choose whether you will be the reason things end up working out, or the reason they fall apart.  Decide today on which side of the fence you will pitch a tent and setup camp.

Disclaimer: I am not saying you have the ability to make something ultimately work or not work.  Sometimes we have that influence; but more times than not the ultimate results are out of our hands.

The question is this: In the end when it works out will people be able to say you are a part of the reason it worked? In the end if it all falls apart will someone be able to say you are part of the reason it did not work?