Do You Need Help?

I love weekends of high pressure and high movement at the church.  Whether we are creating space for an altar call, throwing a big party, launching a new initiative or simply giving out 17,000 t-shirts – high pressure weekends are a blast for me.  Now before you categorize me as an endorphin junkie, let me explain.

High pressure moments and high movement times create something I highly value – engagement.

When people observe there is mounting pressure or a flurry of activity it causes them to ask a simple question – “do you need help?”

The question is simple and yet can fool us so easily in the middle of mounting pressure or a flurry of activity.  You see the question is directed at me (do YOU need help) but the truth is the question is not about me at all.

When someone asks if you need help the question has nothing to do with you.  It has nothing to do with your pressure.  It has nothing to do with the level of support and “help” you already have.

When a person asks, “do you need help” it is a way of expressing a desire for them to engage and contribute.  They might not know how to contribute. They could be unsure of how much they can help. The one thing they are clear on is that something inside of them is compelling them to engage and be a part of what you are doing.

For that reason, 100% of the time our answer to the question should be the same.  The answer is YES.

When people ask if you need help your involuntary response must be yes.  There is always a way someone could step in and add value.  When you say yes you turn an outsider into an insider, you allow a consumer to become a contributor.

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