Lead Your Section

Have you ever considered what it means to lead the way?  To be out in front and pave a way for others?  As a leader people look to you for inspiration, guidance and most importantly as an example.  Being a leader means you have the chief ability and responsibility to inform the culture of those you lead.

Leaders sets the pace.  They shape and define what is normal on the team, bringing clarity to what is encouraged and what is frowned upon.

  • Teams that are playful and fun are led by people who have cultivated an environment of fun
  • Teams that are task and goal oriented are led by people who are driven, achieving leaders
  • Teams that are constantly growing are led by leaders who value new faces on the team

You get the idea…as the leader goes so goes the team.

This reality came to mind again as I sat in a meeting with our worship pastor this week.  The topic of worship came up and she shared a simple but important truth for us as leaders.

“You are the worship leader of your section”

It is far too easy for us to abdicate our leadership authority to those on stage during worship each weekend.  My leadership investment and example to those I lead does not go on break once worship begins in the service.

The people I lead are looking at me as an example of how to engage spiritually. That is true whether I like it or not.  For those of us who are less musically gifted it is easy to lead our teams and then once worship begins in the church we take off our leadership hat.

Perhaps the greatest leadership opportunity for us in the days ahead is to lead the people on our right and left by fully engaging in worship each week.  There will often be people on stage whose voice or instrument is loudest in the room.  Even still I have the greatest ability to lead the people around me to a greater awareness and adoration of the Father by worshipping well.

Whatever your area of leadership might be I want to encourage you this weekend to embrace your role as a worship leader when you walk into church.  You might not be on stage.  You might not be able to sing (trust me, I get that!).  But you have the ability and influence to lead those around you in worship.  You might not be the person leading from the stage, but you have the ability to be the worship leader of your section.

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