Can You Wait for It?

I love behind the scenes footage and stories.  There is something fun about seeing the processing and work that goes into making something awesome happen.  That is probably why I love this video (click here to view video) from 2009.  For those of you who are not Hamilton nerds – this video is of Lin-Manuel Miranda at an event at the White House in 2009 when he decided to perform a song he had written about the life of Alexander Hamilton.

I watched this video again recently and was reminded of the discipline and patience it takes to wait on something great.  You see this performance was in 2009.  Miranda already crafted what would be the opening (and most recognizable) piece for his musical on the life of Alexander Hamilton.  He would continue to work behind the scenes on it…for 6 more years…before seeing the fruit of his labor.

Lin-Manuel is not the only one who had to wait for it.  Working and waiting is actually a pretty common experience if you want to be a part of something great.  I’d love it if the waiting process only applied to those in the arts and entertainment arena…but when I open up the word of God I find the same is true for our spiritual forefathers.

  • Noah was going to be a part of God’s deliverance, but had to work and wait some 100 years before realizing some fruit for his labor.
  • Abraham learns at age 75 that though he is childless, he will be a father to nations. 15 years later God reminds him of the promise.  At age 100 (25 years later) he experiences the birth of his son.
  • Joseph had a dream of being in an important role for the Lord – and then spent 22 years in obscurity and slavery before seeing the dream become real.
  • David had a private special moment when he was anointed King over the nation of Israel at age 15. He would then spend the greater part of the next 22 years fighting, running and hiding before he was able to live as King.
  • The nation of Israel waited for generations for a Messiah
  • Jesus waited 30 years to begin revealing his ministry on Earth
  • Paul waited through many of his adult years before beginning his missionary journey.

Wherever you see someone experiencing great favor and success, you can assume there were years behind the scenes of hard work, discipline and faithfulness. (Click to tweet) These stories cause me to ask a few questions:

  • Can I work with passion and focus for years before experiencing a payoff for the work?
  • Can I do the hard work behind the scenes so that others could experience excellence and impact beyond what I could ever imagine?
  • Can I serve people each week and sow seeds that will eventually produce fruit in their lives?
  • Can I do the work of investing and coaching people for years before seeing them transform into the person God intends for them to be?
  • Do I have the patience to work and wait for the things God wants to accomplish in my life? (Click to tweet)

What about you?  Do you have the ability to wait for it?

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